Thursday, July 3, 2008

fileto with aceite balsamico

A perfectly cooked slice of tenderloin steak, brown on the outside and a rosy pink inside.
Purist beef lovers may scoff at the idea of putting so much "sauce" on a perfectly good cut of meat. But this is the kind best eaten on a mound of warm fluffy rice, or with crunchy, hollow bread to mop up the sauce around it.

Start by dusting the tenderloin pieces with some flour. Place in a pan with hot olive oil. Season with salt on the side that's on top. Cook for five minutes, flip and season the other side. After another five minutes, splash in some aceite balsamico (gasp!) and worcestershire sauce (an even louder gasp!). Just before serving, add a dollop of cream to the sauce.

This piece of Florence was rather well received back home. There was a bit of grumbling over the not-so-tender-loin (I used local meat) but I think it may have also been because the cuts were not as thick as what we had in Florence so it was a little overcooked. It being the debut dish, it was also not a big surprise considering it tasted a little "familiar". It had an uncanny resemblance to our local bistek (with balsamic vinegar instead of kalamansi though) and could have been a cross between salpicao and beef stroganoff.

In the post-Florence world, this dish would be a keeper. It can move towards comfort food category, best enjoyed with steaming rice, a full bodied red wine and a refreshing dessert.

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